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Custom Steering Wheels 

We Are The Home of Steering Wheel Customisation - Midlands to the South Of England. 
From custom paddle shifter replacements, Restyles with covers to full retrims and full custom Race LED wheels, we have you covered!


Paddle shifters

- Replacements/Stick-on

- Carbon

- Coloured



Restyle with Steering covers


Completely transform your steering wheel with an effective, affordable and convenient steering cover.


We stitch your desired design over your current leather for a seamless convenient transformation!


Get creative! 



Custom Race Display LED wheels

Why not go all out and change your driving experience like never before!


Design your wheel from top to bottom including real crafted carbon, custom shaped grips and LED race displays. 



Airbag covers

For those wanting to take their steering wheel to the next level, there is no denying that airbag covers can add that super finishing touch.

Produced to resemble manufacturer safety designs. 


Full retrims

Let's take your steering wheel back to bare metal - where it began and rebuild it for you using fresh materials. Whether you want a different look or just a fresh steering wheel, the choice is yours. 


Custom trims

Carbon or Painted


What will you choose?

Our Work

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